Monday, March 9, 2009

Thankful Catch-up, or Catch-up Thanking

We had a busy weekend, thankfully, after a rotten week, so I didn't get back to blogging. So I thought I'd list some highlights.

1) Alex went back to school, happily, and had a decent day.
2) Marshall was able to get off of work early and take the time to look at some of the cars we are looking to buy. Our minivan is 14 years old and has 187,000 miles on it and will need so many repairs to pass inspection in September that it makes more sense to replace it.
3) I was able to get out and buy groceries, finally, on Thursday night so we started the weekend with plenty of fresh fruits and veges.
4) Early Intervention called and scheduled a new speech therapist for Miranda Thursday at 1:30 pm, starting the 19th.

1) Miranda was well enough to bring her along to our Saturday program with Good Looking Foundation where Alex has scheduled play and she hangs out in the nursery with a couple of her good friends. This meant I could participate in the parents' Poker tournament, which I won first prize, a nice Best Buy gift certificates. My brothers would be so proud.
2) The weather was so beautiful, 70 degrees, that we spent most of the afternoon outside, working (Marshall and I) and playing (Alex & Miranda).

1) Both kids slept in until 8, giving me an extra hour of sleep. (Poor Marshall had to be up early to get to church as it was his Sunday to run sound.) We still got everything together to get to church on time.
2) We had a backyard bbq and extended play date with friends after church. Everyone had a great time! And then we came home and collapsed.

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Anonymous said...

hi sarah - thanks so much for the card, it lifted my spirits. i had a GREAT time with you on friday night - blog some more, i want to know what's up!