Sunday, June 11, 2017

7 Reasons Why I Haven't Been Blogging

So the last two weeks have been rather quiet around here, for a number of reasons. Let me innumerate them:

1. Both kids got the stomach flu, but not at the same time. Miranda had it last week and Alex had it this week. So by the time I got her all cleaned up and healthy, I had a headache for two days and then he got sick. However, I am happy to say he does vomit in the toilet now. Big improvement. She was not to skilled. She has a loft bed so when she got sick, she just leaned over and covered the floor, and then went back to sleep. Not a drop on her. I, however, discovered that gravity is not your friend when cleaning up slop. It creates a rather impressive splatter pattern.

2. My doctor changed my anti-depressant cocktail. I've been having pretty serious nausea from my meds and we tried one variation last month that didn't improve matters, so last week we tried something else. If you've taken SSRI's, you know that you should pretty much give up on a regular sleep schedule for at least two weeks. Caffeine and naps help, a little. You mostly just wait it out.

3. Since I've been mostly brainless for two weeks with sick kids and an unsteady neurological system, I've read 11 books, mostly by Nalini Singh. I am definitely enjoying her Psy-Changeling series, which is part of the para-normal romance genre. Her world building skills are excellent and I like most of her main characters. A couple of them haven't worked as well, but no one can write the perfect novel, year after year after year. I'm now in the middle of book 12.

4. End of the school year! Alex's last day is this Wednesday and Miranda has 7 more school days. I did manage to get Alex's teacher gifts delivered last Friday (more fudge, like at Christmas, because it's just easier to do in bulk; Alex's "teachers" number 12 people). I'm not sure I'll have enough fudge in this batch to finish up Miranda's people because she is leaving behind her elementary school and moving on to the Intermediate School next year so I might need to make more this week for extra people we don't usually honor.

5. My parents are on pilgrimage in Italy. I'm so glad they are able to take this trip but it makes life a little more complicated here at home. Thankfully, Mimi the Great is still here and one of our favorite babysitters is back from college for the summer.

6. My aunt and uncle from San Diego were here visiting this week and we were able to share two evenings with them. We haven't been able to travel to see them recently so it was nice to catch up.

7. The words just aren't flowing as easily as before. I wrote the first ten blog posts in minutes with very little revising and so I've probably picked all the easy topics and it's going to get a little more challenging moving forward. Or I have lots of memory gaps; 2007 is pretty hazy for me. But I hope to get back to it when things slow down again around here. In a week or so.

Here's Kelly.