Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Another day off of school - ugh!

When I arose this morning, it was with trepidation that I checked the Mt. Laurel Schools website to see it was a delayed opening today, which meant, again, Alex had no school. And the poor boy let me know in no uncertain terms this afternoon how unhappy he was to be home. He was in trouble every five minutes for about an hour. Poor little guy.

But, now the children are in bed (Miranda's sleeping as she refused to nap but Alex is probably still chirping) and Marshall's working on the Sage box, which has been really well behaved lately but the disc drive hasn't yet been resurrected, so that's what he's working on tonight, and I've just finished my Bible study homework from last week so that when I get to church tomorrow for the video, I'll be all caught up. (My college professors' hated my long, run-on sentences, but this is my blog, so they can be as long as I want!)

Which all means I have time for my 5 things:

1) When I got to MOPS this morning with both children in tow, I dropped Miranda off in the nursery per usual and then despaired when I learned that the young woman who used to be an aide of his on Sunday mornings (who I was planning to beg to take him into her classroom) is no longer one of our care-givers for MOPS. Lisanne, bless her, found another classroom for Alex to hang out in and he was really well-behaved for the whole session. God bless Miss Barb who took him in.

2) While driving to MOPS I almost hit the car in front of me that I thought was turning left but had to stop because someone pulled out in front of him. I think we missed his truck by an inch or two. I can imagine an angel standing between our two cars, keeping us all safe. It wouldn't have been a bad accident, but it would have been extremely annoying.

3) Brynn, my dear friend from MOPS who is also Hope's Nursery Coordinator, said she'd be more than willing to take Alex in the nursery with the rest of the crew tomorrow morning during Bible Study, so I'll get to go and see the video with the rest of the gang.

4) I've scheduled a playdate around lunchtime on Thursday to get us all out of the house at a place my children love to be.

5) Alex's doctor's office called today to say his Ritalin refill would be done now instead of later. I made the mistake of taking last month's scrip and handing the whole bottle off to the school nurse, not expecting the HMO to refuse to refill the current scrip for home use. I realize this is a dangerous drug, which we are very careful to dispense appropriately, but it was annoying and required a lot of effort on the part of Nicole, one of our favorite people at Elmwood Family Physicians (of course, we did like her before; just more so now). I sent in a plate of cookies for Nicole, Dr. Jay, and the rest of the staff last week to express my gratitude for their efforts on our behalf. Of course, it tells you something about the current state of our health care that it took Nicole almost 2 weeks to resolve this. Still, I'm thankful, especially since Alex has been home since last Friday, using up our stash.

That's the day's summary, anyway.

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Anonymous said...

wanted to check your blog and see how today went for you -- i can just imagine how frustrating it probably was to not come to church today, and you and the kids were missed. really hoping Miranda feels better soon. much love.