Monday, March 2, 2009

Return of the Snowbunnies!

(Miranda announced earlier this morning that she was ready to go outside, with only her wool mittens and black dress shoes. Thankfully, she did let me dress her more appropriately later.

I checked the Mt. Laurel schools website last night about 9:30 pm, not really expecting to see anything on the front page and was surprised to see school had already been canceled for today. Our region is receiving (yes, it's still snowing) 6-12 inches of snow today and so most schools are shut down. However, since the stock market it open, Marshall had to go to work so he took my car with its all wheel drive to navigate what he described as roads that were "more exciting" than usual.

Hopefully, Alex will have school tomorrow since he's already scheduled to be off Wednesday and Thursday because those days have early dismissal for Parent-Teacher conferences and (as many of you have already heard me complain about) there is no school for preschoolers on days with a shortened schedule. He was out of school Friday last because of a low-grade fever related to his cold (he's feeling much better today) so he's going to be really happy to go back to school tomorrow. And I will be happy to take Miranda out to MOPS Tuesday as well as I probably won't attend Bible study Wednesday morning because Alex will be home. We'll see how stir crazy we are. Maybe if I let him bring his Leapster, he might spend an hour in the nursery with the other kids while I see the next Beth Moore video in our Stepping Up series.

When I was sitting in church yesterday, I was thinking about Lenten disciplines of my own and what I want to do is try to post every day (or most days) 5 things that I'm thankful for. And, since Miranda is down for a nap, my snow pictures are still uploading, and Alex is happily playing his Cars game on his Leapster (and eating his now-cold pancakes), I have the time:

1) Marshall has a great job with SIG that he likes, pays well, and is as stable as it gets these days.

2) We have access to all the kinds of therapies our children need to overcome their developmental disabilities. Alex has a great teacher and wonderful aides at Springville Elementary and his new feeding therapy has great potential for improving all of our lives. And I'm trusting God to bring us a new Speech Therapist for Miranda.

3) We are a part of a great church community at Hope UMC. They treat us like family, at least, a family that is kind and supportive.

4) Alex was well enough for all of us to go to his classmate's birthday party at Pump It Up on Saturday that we've been looking forward to for a month and we had a great time, even though Miranda fell on her face a couple of times and looked pretty banged up yesterday. But her bruises are healing.

5) The three of us had a great time playing in the snow this afternoon. See pictures here.

It's going to be hard to come up with 5 different things each day, but I'm sure it's a healthy exercise for me.

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