Saturday, May 16, 2009

What a week!

So we had a week of potty disasters for both children (lots of baths, laundry, and steam cleaning floors and furniture) and then the meeting with Miranda's case worker from Early Intervention who was here Thursday for our one year meeting and to set goals for the next 6 months. Miranda will age out of Early Intervention when she turns 3 on October 30th, at which point she will be transferred to the Mount Laurel Preschool Disabled program like Alex, although they will probably be in difference schools, which means different buses. She will probably still go to Tomorrow's Hope Preschool for September and October, which will be Monday and Wednesday mornings, to help her get ready for 5 mornings a week starting in November. EI is also adding a behavioral therapist for Miranda to help us combat the tantrums of our little drama queen. So that was discouraging. And we have Alex's IEP meeting on Tuesday morning so we're essentially waiting for the other shoe to drop.

To take a break from it all, we are going to see Star Trek again tonight with 4 friends. We saw it last week on opening night, but our friends weren't able to find a sitter, so we went without them. I just couldn't wait. I watched the preview about once a week, starting in December, so I'm more than happy to see it again. And I'm not even a big Star Trek fan, but I am a fan of JJ Abrams and movies that are "pretty" to look at. Like Watchmen. I haven't made a decision about Terminator: Salvation yet; I'm going to wait and read the reviews.

I did finally post my iris pictures. They are really beautiful this year.