Sunday, March 29, 2009

Slow Sunday

Miranda had a low grade fever yesterday so she and I stayed home from the dinner party at the Olsons' and church this morning. She took a long nap this afternoon, trying to burn off whatever bug she's fighting and woke up covered in sweat. She seems chipper presently as she and Alex are outside playing in the beautiful weather between rainstorms. Hopefully, she'll be well enough to play at the MOPS event at Pump It Up on Tuesday.

1) Our expedition to Burlington Toyota yesterday was successful as I was able to drive a Scion xB and we like it well enough to settle on it as the car we are going to purchase to replace the Previa. We just have to spend a couple of days arranging the financing. Marshall has located an actual car for purchase in North Jersey that he is happy with; he drove up to see it in person yesterday morning.

2) Alex is a little subdued today but doesn't seem to have caught the bug that has Miranda down. Hopefully he will still be well enough for school in the morning. He's already got an 8-day Easter break starting April 8 so we don't want him to miss any more school that necessary.

3) The kids had a great time at GLF yesterday and enjoyed visiting with some of the other parents. Since we have greatly benefited from their program, I have decided to join their fundraising efforts so, dear friends and family, you will soon be receiving a support letter from me asking you to join our efforts.

4) Had a great dinner out with a friend on Friday night. Fried Green Beans never get old.

5) Roger Ebert's Your Movie Sucks finally came in for me at the library, so I've been enjoying his prose while he slams bad movies, actors, directors, etc. Very funny.

Must go make something for dinner. Although, Alex decided, since he didn't have his afternoon Ritalin (he didn't seem bouncy enough at the time to need it) to have his dinner at 3:30, while Miranda and Marshall were still napping. I'll find something for the rest of us.

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