Thursday, March 26, 2009

Better to post in the afternoon...

... before my brain shuts off at 7 pm. Seriously.

1) Alex's feeding therapy yesterday with a new therapist went pretty well. He did protest about the new food we introduced (that he only had to touch) but we were able to persuade him to cooperate. Progress; slow steps, but still, any forward movement is progress.

2) Miranda, despite being tired (I really had to keep her up for her appt. today) had a great therapy session with Cathy, our new therapist who started last week. I have noticed new speech progress in the last week (probably because I was paying attention more because I would need something to report to Cathy today) and she spoke on the phone for the first time, to her daddy, and then to her Grandma Lorita in the last week, which makes us all happy.

3) All of our tax refunds are in so we will be driving the Scion xB on Saturday (we have a sitter all lined up since taking our children with us to a car lot would be, well, silly and I refuse to go alone) in hopes of purchasing one soon. Our Previa van has really taken a turn for the worse in the last few weeks and might leave me and Miranda stranded on the side of the road in the near future, so we'll be glad to be able to purchase a new vehicle.

4) Alex had a great report from school today, which is nice, for a change, since the last few days have been tough. And he answered a question for me this week about what he did at school in a new way for the first time. Join me in blessing Miss Jessica and her team at Springville Elem.

5) It's going to be a busy weekend, but fun. Tomorrow night I get to take my friend Vicky Olson out for her birthday, Saturday morning we have GLF, Saturday afternoon we go driving while the kids play with Jen, Saturday evening we have dinner with a group of friends at the Olsons', and then Sunday is church. All good things.

Please pray for my Uncle Mike, who is very ill and in the hospital. And also for Marshall and he finishes up the bedroom project and starts the next one, reinforcing the floor in the back of the house. It was done poorly when it was constructed, many years ago, and Alex's active lifestyle has exacerbated the problems. So Marshall has a plan and will be spending a good amount of time in April and May under the house. Ugh.

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