Friday, March 5, 2010

And Yet Another Friday Sneaks Up On Me

My excuse is that I spent 48 hours last weekend with the Hope Youth Group on the High School Winter Retreat in the Poconos, so just as we were all managing to get well and instead of playing catch up, I left town. God answered my prayers and my children didn't completely torture their father all weekend. Just a little. And Alex managed to break the power supply for my laptop so I've been sharing Marshall's all week, which is yet another reason for not posting.

Down to Business.

1. Had a great weekend with the youth. Slept less than I expected to, and when I tell people this, they laugh at me. The loveliest part of being away from home is I leave my To Do list here, too, so I spent most of the weekend talking without any of my usual rushing around. Came home feeling refreshed and happy to see my children.

2. The snow finally seems to have melted (only a little left in the shadows of the backyard) and we are praying to have seen the last of it. Miranda finally wanted to go play outside yesterday and played so hard that she almost fell asleep on the couch last night before bedtime.

3. Both children have had formal reports sent home from school and are doing well. We are still adjusting Alex's meds and see the doctor this afternoon to see if the most recent tweak was worthwhile.

4. Took both children to Costco yesterday afternoon by myself (not a regular occurrence) and they were well-behaved. Miranda is a little big to sit in the cart now so maybe next time I'll try to keep them both out of the cart and see if they still stay with me.

5. Got a huge bag of clothes from my friend Stacey for Miranda and have finally sorted through all of it and washed most of it. Miranda doesn't seem to be growing as fast as she did last year but we will certainly move up to size 6 for summer clothes. Which means the size 5 has been fitting her for 6 whole months! Last year she seemed to need a new size with every season. Now if I could just find a way to persuade her to sit on the potty....

6. We did enjoy the Percy Jackson movie, but the book is much better. I have started reading The Lightning Thief to Marshall in the evenings. It's been a long time since we've read to each other and I am enjoying the experience.

7. Lent is almost half over which means Easter is coming which means the grandparents will be here soon. Hooray!

And here's Jen.


Jenny said...

So happy for you to see the grandparents soon! I LOVE my grandparents and wish we saw them more.

Sarah Boyle Webber said...

"The grandparents" refers to my parents, my children's grandparents. I have only one grandparent still on Earth, my father's mother who lives in San Diego and can't quite keep up with my energetic children these days.

Erin @ Sky Blue Pink Roses said...

Getting away from normal life for a day or two is often wonderful not just because you get to do something different (and hopefully fun), because also because it makes you happy to see your kids, spouse, house, etc again when you get back. :)