Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How to Cheer Grandpa in a Few Easy Steps

My father had minor surgery yesterday that has necessitated a 2 day stay in the hospital. Since we live in NJ and he lives in WI, a thousand miles away, there was little I could do to cheer him except pray. But then, 2 weeks ago, I had this idea while driving home of creating a poster for him that my kids could decorate and then send it there to be hung in his hospital room.

Well, since I am less than artistic, I persuaded my father-in-law to help. From my over-the-phone suggestions, he created this beautiful poster and printed it on his plotter.

Here it is right before it left NJ:

Most of the art is Miranda's doing. Alex did his rainbow, signed his name, and went back to playing on the computer. Miranda must have painted for almost an hour. It seems she may have the artistic genes in our family.

And a big thank you to my mother who fetched it from her doorstep where the mailman helpfully left it, took it to the hospital and hung it on the wall in my dad's room.

Once again, I had the brilliant idea and convinced other people to do most of the work.

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