Friday, March 12, 2010

A Rainy Friday That Didn't Sneak Up On Me

I have been absolutely devoted to my To Do list this week so Friday didn't surprise me with a ton of things that still have to be done. The laundry's not all done, but it's getting close.

1. Finally got the tax stuff collected and off in the mail to our CPA. Only a month late. I still prefer to trust a professional than try it myself with Turbo Tax, even though our taxes, with only one income, are hardly exotic. Still, this way, all I have to do is sign and mail.

2. It has been a wonderfully warm week and my flower bed has green shoots all over it. We managed to take walks two afternoons after school before it got cloudy and rainy. My first daffodil might have opened today if we'd seen the sun. Maybe Sunday.

3. Got a happy phone call last night that my cleaning lady has time to come by this afternoon so the house will be spotless just in time to start the weekend. Hooray!

4. Only 2 more weeks until my father arrives for a long Easter visit! My mother will arrive a few days afterwards; she has a stopover at my cousin's house in McLean, VA.

5. I am remembering to pray for my HS students as well my kids' teachers every morning, which was one of my goals for Lent. Of course, it helped that I was in the car doing errands every morning this week and that's where I usually pray.

6. I even remembered to water all the plants in the house this week. For the last few months, all they've had to drink is the leftover water from water bottles on their way to the dishwasher. I don't like to waste water.

7. I have enjoyed feeding the neighborhood birds stale crackers and cheerios as well as bread that was starting to mold this week. I don't have a bird feeder; I just throw it all in the front yard and enjoy the feeding frenzy. This does not thrill my husband, however. He's afraid they'll become a nuisance. We'll have to see.

And here's Jen.

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