Friday, April 20, 2012

Thank God It's Friday, Again

1. Thank God It's Friday, Again is the title of an early Farscape episode which takes place on a planet where people's memories are fooled into thinking they only have to work today because tomorrow is a rest day, but they wake up every day with this thought and the rest day never comes. Kind of like Narnia under the White Witch, when it's always winter and never Christmas (The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe). I feel like this today because my mind is bleary and I'm having some difficulty being reflective. What was it that happened this week again?

And speaking of Farscape, which is one of the best scifi serials ever, did you hear Ben Browder is going to be a guest on the next series of Doctor Who? Series 7 will start broadcasting in the fall, which means, one of these days, my darling husband and I are going to have to finish with series 6. We've only watched through episode 6.

2. One thing I did finish watching this week was "Avengers Assembled" a fan-edit of Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Incredible Hulk, Thor & Captain America: The First Avenger. At more than 9 hours, I watched it over 3 nights. I did note a few things:

  • The people at Marvel Studios are good at planning films. All the pieces (however different they may be from the comic history) will fit together for Avengers
  • Don Cheadle is a much better foil for Robert Downey, Jr. than Terrence Howard ever could be. 
  • As funny and charming as Tony Stark is, I like Cappy much better. 
  • Tom Hiddleston is still one of the best things about Thor, but, apparently, Agent Coulson got to have a lot of fun in a bunch of deleted scenes which were part of this edit. 
  • I still prefer Jennifer Connelly as Betty Ross over Liv Tyler. Edward Norton is a much more believable geek, though, than Eric Bana
  • 2 more weeks!
3. Inexplicable, my children have switched from Phineas & Ferb to VeggieTales this week. It makes for a rather abrupt change of tone in the atmosphere around here. Not unwelcome, just surprising.

4. We had Miranda's IEP meeting on Tuesday afternoon and signed off on the plans for next year: the full-day Kindergarten class at Countryside School, which is the farthest school from us (10 miles on pavement) but the class should suit her perfectly. I will meet the teacher next week. We are pleased and very thankful to have such great support from the district, but a little bit sad to be leaving Springville Elementary, where we've been so happy for 6 years.

5. We did have a good week with multiple trips to Sahara Sam's Oasis. Alex and I went for a birthday party on Saturday and then last night Miranda and my mother joined us for our return trip. It was wonderfully un-crowded last night but Miranda was a little overwhelmed by the speed of the larger rides and I was worn out after 2 hours of fun. Also, Alex seems to have become a lot more sensitive to sound; he walked around with his fingers in his ears any time he wasn't in the water. I should have tried to get him some earplugs for our return trip, but I forgot.

6. Alex has been sharing the cold he was fighting last week, with both Marshall and I. It's not a bad one, just annoying, and I've been trying to rest as much as possible to keep it from knocking me flat.

7. I have not been successful every day in doing my PT exercises, but I am doing them a lot more often and have therefore seen better progress for my ankle. But it seems so slow! Ugh.

Jen's taking a break this week.

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