Friday, April 27, 2012

It's Zombieville Over Here

Or, at least, the adults in the building are sleep-deprived.

It's not been the best of weeks, but going over the reasons why would be wallowing and that wouldn't help either, so here's some forced gratitude for you.

1. Kimberlee Conway Ireton, a dear friend of mine, is blogging about the efforts of the International Justice Mission and Love 146 to end slavery and the sexual exploitation of children. For every comment on her blog posts, she has pledged $.50 and that money has been matched by a group of us so that for every comment, $10.50 will go to each organization. Our goal is $1000.00, so, please, click on her blog, read about our efforts and, pretty please, leave a comment. And join me in praying for the children who have yet to be rescued. Or contribute your own funds towards these excellent causes. Just because I am currently unable to physically join the forces storming brothels in far away lands and rescuing children who are enslaved doesn't mean I cannot make a difference in their lives, with your help, and Kim's, and all of our other readers. So, please, help us. And, Lord Jesus, please hurry the rescuers and make smooth their paths, physically and legally, to save the children you love.

2. I finally graduated from Physical Therapy on Tuesday. My ankle is at about 90% of normal function but, barring additional injury, it should keep healing on its own, especially if I keep up with my exercises. Please pray that I do so. Big thanks to the staff of Strive Physical Therapy in Marlton for their excellent help!

3. I took my mother to the movies last night to see Mirror Mirror and we both really enjoyed it. It was even better than advertised. I highly recommend it. And, only 1 more week until Avengers! I have a babysitter all lined up for next Friday night so Marshall and I will be able to have a nice dinner and see the movie together like normal people.

4. I took Alex to see the doctor on Tuesday and got a great report on his growth. I don't understand how he keeps getting taller without gaining hardly any weight; it must be a boy thing. We will probably need to raise his dose of AD/HD medicine before school starts in the fall, but we should be able to squeak by until then. His teacher told me when I picked him up from school on Tuesday afternoon that he's doing great in his classes and she can't wait to share with us at our IEP meeting on May 8 how much academic progress Alex has made since the start of the year.

5. While my early spring flowers are done (crocuses, daffodils, hyacinths tulips, dogwood), the next wave has started blooming. The roses are blooming, the irises are almost in the height of their glory, the broom should be in full bloom in a few days and the dianthus plants are about to pop open. And the callas and cannas are just starting to push their way out of the earth. I love flowers. I will try to have pictures soon.

6. My dear husband finished his paper on Mass Provisioning in a Heterogeneous Colocated Environment for the Professional IT Community Conference he's attending in a couple of weeks. I read it and liked it, even though my eyes glazed over a couple of times. Ah, life with a geek!

7. The Jerk is back on Simcha's blog with another hilarious movie review. Maybe my blog needs an alter ego.

And here's Jen.

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