Monday, February 8, 2010

Does Everyone Describe Their Day In Terms of Blog Posts...

... or is it just me? I found myself folding clean clothes on my bed this afternoon, reviewing my day as if I was mentally composing my next blog post. It was a little weird.

Because of the huge amounts of snow that fell again on Saturday (nearly 2 feet, again!), there was a delayed opening for school today which mean Alex got picked up at 10:20 am and Miranda has to stay home. Although, since she has a runny nose, I'm not sure it's really a bad thing. And, get this, there's another storm coming, starting tomorrow night. Chances for school on Wednesday are probably slim. I was supposed to have a dentist appt. this morning that I had to reschedule because both kids were home at the time and I'm supposed to have my yearly ob/gyn appt. Thursday (which is a reschedule from the last snow day in December) and I'm starting to wonder if I'm actually going to get there this time.

Still fighting off the flu. I went to the HS Super Bowl Pre-Game Party at church yesterday afternoon and ran out of energy about 2/3 of the way through the party and had to sit down. I did enjoy watching the Super Bowl last night with Marshall and his dad although we watch it skipping most of the commentary and commercials. Cool halftime show (even though neither Marshall nor I can listen to Tommy since Alex's diagnosis). But we all agreed nothing beats U2's show in 2002.

Am caught up on laundry and dishes but the house still has paper and toys strewn all over. I've had no phone calls from my cleaning lady yet this month (since I'm only once a month she squeezes me in when she has the time) and am starting to feel a little desperate to hear from her. I am a person who needs outside motivation to get things done so all of our clutter only gets sorted and put away when I know Adriana's going to be here to clean up after me. (Of course, she will put away the clutter if I leave it, but then I won't know where she put it. Better to move on ahead of her and clear the way, as it were).

Really need to work on posting those pictures. Sigh. I need a morning without Miranda (she's kinda camera-happy these days and not reliable to leave along with it) or an evening with energy. Chances of the latter seem even slimmer. Sigh.

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