Friday, February 5, 2010

And Another Friday Sneaks Up On Me

1. But I have an excuse this time: on Tuesday evening I came down with the flu. Not swine flu, mind you, I had that misery in June. No, just the usual flu which is a really bad cold plus a fever and body aches. Ugh. Neither of my children have more than the sniffles, though. Strange, but I'm not complaining. My poor husband is starting to feel it, though. The man was already tortured on Wednesday when he had to stay home with the children because I could barely crawl out of bed and left a trail of used tissues where ever I moved. Pray for us because...

2. The mother of all snowstorms is coming in tonight (but wait, you are asking yourselves, didn't we already do that in December with the 2 feet of snow we got the weekend before Christmas?). The forecasts are as grim now as they were then.

3. And Sunday is a really big deal at church because the Youth Group has a massively large pre-game party. It is a great outreach for us because our students bring their friends and have a great time and we try to lure them back again for regular Sunday Night Live events. Our party spirits aren't dampened, yet, but the snow hasn't started. Yet.

4. Since tomorrow it is going to snow all day, I took Miranda to the grocery store with me this morning (she had no class because it was an early dismissal day so Alex happily got on the bus this morning without his pesky sister, something he asks for frequently) and I have never, I mean never, seen Shop Rite that full. We stood in line for half an hour, inching forward. And there were more people behind me when I finally checked out than there were when I started. It was bad. The store layout doesn't really allow for crowds to line up in that volume. Miranda was amazingly well behaved, seriously. Of course, I cheated and kept feeding her interesting things. Not to mention rewarding her good behavior afterwards with french fries from McDonald's across the parking lot.

5. Trying to catch up on cleaning the kitchen and living room and laundry. Am I the only one who has to vacuum their living room (essentially, a play room) every 2-3 days because her children are so messy?

6. Need to sew up holes in Alex's clothes. Or pay my friend Rachel to do it. Depends on how handy I'm feeling later. Somehow I never hand down much of his clothes. Too many holes or stains.

7. Then there's that cross stitch I haven't worked on for a week. Although I did manage to suss out my thread issues last weekend and bought the rest of the colors I needed. Really need to take that picture.

And here's Jen.

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