Thursday, February 18, 2010

4 For 4

In the last week, everyone has been to the doctor (in separate appointments at two different doctor's offices--who needs efficiency when we seem to have already replicated the bug without even trying?) and we are all taking some form of anti-bacterial medication. The stuff Marshall and I are on is so scary I vomited up the first dose. Miranda hates the taste of hers so much I have to be holding a cookie or piece of candy to get her to even open up her mouth. Alex hasn't tried it yet; he'll get his first dose tonight. And Marshall is presently at the dentist and I'm going tomorrow morning after I put the kids on the bus. So it's been a real happy week here. If you've been wondering why I haven't been returning your phone calls or such, that would be why. Of course, a week ago, I felt like I was going to die but that feeling only lasted for about 48 hours. It was worse than swine flu (did that last June) but only slightly.

On a happy note, the house cleaner was here yesterday so it doesn't look awful like it did at the beginning of the week. One parent who is feeling even slightly sick cannot manage two house-bound children (still have all that snow, or, at least, most of it) and clean. It's just not possible. And God bless Mimi the Great who spent most of Friday here driving me and Miranda around (Miranda got sent home from school with impetigo and thence to the pediatrician's) and then cleaned and vacuumed. She really is the best.

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