Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Really Big Leaf Pile

I am still in denial that Christmas is next week. Every day seems to have a list of things that MUST be done today, because tomorrow will be too late. For instance, this morning was my chance to finish the leaf-blowing in the front yard as leaf pickup by the township starts Monday. I haven't managed to do it before now because of rain or snow or the general unavailability of someone else to watch the children while I played with the leaves in the front yard. This morning, I put the children on the bus, took a shower, got dressed and went outside. I managed to finish 15 minutes before Miranda's bus. I am just praying the wind doesn't blow too many of them back up in the yard. It's not a perfect job, not even up to my usual high standards of most of the leaves, but it's enough of them to qualify for a really big leaf pile and the rest will just have to disintegrate into the yard. I still have some in the backyard to rake up and bag, but that can be done anytime as leaf-bags get picked up regularly while leaf piles only twice a year.

Marshall is home from work this week Wed-Fri as he is rebuilding a Volkswagon Beetle engine for his pretty little 1972 Super. I am finding a few other things around the house for him to do but mostly, he works on his stuff out of sight.

We increased Alex's anti-anxiety medication last weekend so it's been a rocky week for him. I'm really praying next week is better, but we knew up front that some side-effects would pop up until he has completely adjusted to the new dose. Miranda is her usual bouncy self. Cute but pesky.

I should really be working on the Christmas letter, but I'm going to run to the grocery store instead.

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