Thursday, December 3, 2009

Is it really December?!

So, the grandparents have left after a wonderful visit (lots of new pictures to see starting here) and life is about to get back to normal. I think. I'm still a little groggy from my weekend at the shore with Marshall while my parents rode herd on our two adorable, high-maintenance children. At a nice little place in Brigantine, we relaxed and watched Torchwood Series 3 and I was finally able to start my next cross stitch project. I haven't stitched in at least 6 months and it was a real joy to finally set all the materials out (it's been kitted for months!) and actually start stitching!

The children are, for the most part, doing well in school. Miranda had a long Thanksgiving break (more than a week) so her transition back to school has not been completely smooth, but it's still a new thing to her so I'm not that concerned.

Marshall got bronchitis right before my mother arrived on the 19th--his doctor told him he was one day away from pneumonia!--but has finally stopped coughing and should have his wind back soon. He missed a lot of work days though with the illness and planned vacation after Thanksgiving, though, so is slogging through quite a pile in his inbox.

There was a terrific storm last night, but it is warm and clear again today, which doesn't feel like December at all. I remember the one December the ground was frozen for the whole month with ice several years ago (I think it was 2004, when Alex was young) and our poor dog had a path to the back fence while the rest of the yard was covered with frozen snow. Not this year. It's strangely glorious.

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