Monday, December 21, 2009

An Even Bigger Pile of Snow

We had approximately 2 feet of snow dumped on us on Saturday which is a bit much for most locals to deal with. It took us almost 2 hours to dig out the cars yesterday (of course, for most of the time, the children were helping). Anyway, we have lots more pictures to post of the children being cute while covered with snowsuits and snow. They are both out of school today (after cleaning the cars off myself, I'm really glad it's not my job to clean of dozens of school buses) but hopefully, school will be on as usual tomorrow since it's Miranda's last day and Christmas party. Alex's party is Wednesday. The pictures are here.

I spent much of Saturday making fudge for Miranda's teachers and brownies for Youth Group (which was also canceled yesterday--it's the first time in memory that all activities scheduled at church were canceled for the entire weekend) so am going to spend most of the next two days distributing the fudge and brownies. I love to bake but my rule is to make it and give it away. Marshall took a big platter of fudge in to work with him today, which makes his co-workers happy.

Of course, all the snow means the leaves will not be picked up this week. In fact, if the snow lingers because of cold weather, the leaves may not be picked up until spring. Of course, a white Christmas would be kinda cool.

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