Monday, December 10, 2012


I know, another Friday goes by with no blog post. Again, apologies.

If you missed it on FB, Miranda and I were in a car accident last Friday afternoon on our way home from a pediatrician appointment. We are fine. We have a few bruises from the seat belts that saved our lives, but on the whole, we don't have any permanent damage. Our Scion xB is totaled, but cars can be replaced.

So the blog fell to the way side this weekend as I was resting up from the trauma of experiencing a head-on collision (another driver drifted into our lane and hit us). And now I am being chauffeured around by my mother or mother-in-law, trying to take care of all the doctor's appointments both for my body (to just be sure I didn't suffer any damage from the accident) as well as Miranda's to try to figure out what's causing the problem we were at the doctor's for last Friday in the first place. And finish up all the Christmas gifts for the teachers and aides and therapists that work with Alex & Miranda at school and church.

Our insurance company is incredibly helpful and reasonable and we may have a check in hand with which to purchase a replacement car by the end of next week or soon thereafter. And, because the police have found (in a preliminary statement) that the other driver was at fault, there will be other matters to attend to. But we have been praying for that other driver who was injured in the crash and went directly to the hospital. The roads were slippery and it looks like she simply lost control and ran right into us.

Please pray that Miranda is able to work through her emotions about the crash and not suffer any long-lasting effects. And that we will find an answer to her current health condition. Please pray also that Marshall will find a replacement car quickly and that everything will work itself out. Please pray also that I will give over to Christ any anxiety I might have about driving in the future.


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Anonymous said...

Dear God, Sweetheart! I am praying for you so hard. I am so thankful that you are all right. Give that baby girl a huge hug for me. Love you. Rachel