Friday, December 28, 2012

Sicker Than the Dog

1. I know my legions of readers (HA!) are shocked that I'm actually posting on a Friday, especially when I have a nasty cold, but this is really going to be Quick Takes, I promise.

2. We are delighted to have my cousin's beautiful dog staying with us for the weekend while she and her family are away in Florida. Little Pepper is a darling pooch and we are trying to keep the children from fighting over who gets to play with her next. Here is a picture I unabashedly stole from my cousin's FaceBook page:

She is tiny and adorable and we really are fighting over who gets to cuddle with her next.

3. If you're a fan of Simcha Fisher and her blog and you missed all the brouhaha this week, here's a few helpful links:

4. I was planning to do an end of the year movie wrap up today after seeing Les Miz this morning, but being sick has postponed everything. Dang.

5. I watched the entire series of Beauty and the Beast on Sunday night, all 9 episodes. For what it is, it is well written.

6. We took the children to the Family Christmas Eve service at church on Monday afternoon and they did remarkably well. Alex still doesn't like congregational singing, but her only had his fingers in his ears for the first song or so.

7. Jen is particularly funny today. Don't miss it.

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Linda said...

Puppy! Her eyes and paws and facial expression. I die.