Monday, December 17, 2012

New Car, New Car, Move Down!

1. We bought a replacement car for me on Saturday, a 2003 Subaru Forester. I'd give you a picture except that Marshall is out driving around in it right now. I took it to church last night in the dark and the rain and liked the way it felt steady on the roads, even if I am still a bit spooked from the accident. And it has a tape deck (Marshall has ordered a new stereo that will work with our MP3 players) so I resurrected some of my mix tapes from the 90's. We bought it from Auto Direct Cars in Delran, a used car dealership notable for not having even the faintest hint of slime. Very nice people.

2. I was chauffeured by both my mother and mother-in-law last week, as well as borrowing my mother's car for several days, so big thank you's to both of them. It meant that I didn't miss anything important all week long.

3. I don't have to go to traffic court tomorrow to give testimony against the person who caused the accident, which is a huge weight off of my mind. I've requested a copy of the police report which I hope will have more details. The insurance companies are working on their own piles of paperwork, but we should have most of the reimbursement from Allstate later this week.

4. We made the final adjustment to Alex's anti-anxiety meds over the weekend. We'll sit down and discuss it with his doctor Wednesday afternoon. I'm hoping for a happy boy for at least a month, especially with Christmas vacation just around the corner. He's been grumpy since Memorial Day and we need a break.

5. Miranda's been suffering from chronic diarrhea for several weeks. I thought it was her exotic food allergies rearing their heads again but after several consultations with the pediatrician and a few fun tests, the judgment is too much fecal material in her system, so she's on a diet of Miralax milkshakes (well, milk + Miralax + lots of chocolate syrup) for several weeks at least. It means lots more messy pull-ups this week, but at least the end is in sight.

6. My cleaning lady texted me this morning to say she has an opening first thing tomorrow, so I will have a clean house by lunchtime!

7. Here's a bunch more pictures from Thanksgiving that I promised ages ago:

Brandon, Piper & Madelynn.

The "originals;" that is, my parents and siblings.

Grandparents with all 4 grandkids.

Stephanie with Colin and Piper with Madelynn.

Grandma & Grandpa with babies.

Jonathan, Stephanie and Colin.

All of us together!

The four of us.

My parents.

Our kids between photos.

Alex had pretty much had it with pictures by this point.

I love this picture of my dad and Maddy.

Here's Jen.

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