Tuesday, September 15, 2009

So it's Tuesday

Miranda had her first day of preschool yesterday and it seemed to go well. I told my friend Lisanne that her daughter, Addy, is going to have to give me the daily reports of what happens in class because, well, Miranda can't.

Yesterday was a get it done day. Marshall took the day off of work since Miranda's IEP meeting with her case worker was at 10 am and he wanted to be there and he had rehearsal at church last night for next Sunday's service (he runs the sound one Sunday a month) and it just seemed easier for him to stay home. So we put Alex on the bus at 8:20, Marshall left in his car to drop it off for an oil change, 5 minutes later Miranda and I got in my car to go pick him up and head for church. He was delayed at the car place but we still made it to church on time because, amazingly, we hit green lights all the way down 73. That never happens.

We dropped Miranda off in her class room with Miss Nicki (she must have liked Miss Nicki since she asked for her by name this morning) and Miss Megan, went to the lobby to chat with friends, raced off to the Child Study Team office, had the meeting, dropped Marshall back at the car place where his car was finished. Then we split up. I went on a quick shopping spree to Kohl's to return the size 5 pants I'd bought for Miranda a week ago (she's size 5 shirts, size 4 pants and size 10 shoes), stop at Trader Joe's for groceries, run to Target to take back some more size 5 pants and made it to church in time to pick Miranda up at 12. We were good until we walked out the front door and Miranda tripped and landed on the concrete, scraping both knees and palms. So, I left all our stuff there on the concrete so we could go back in the church and find Miss Heather and her stash of bandaids. And while Miranda's sitting on the counter in the bathroom and I'm cleaning her up I'm promising her a lollipop to make it all better and then realize my purse has many things but no lollipops! Of course, it being a kid-friendly church, someone in the office has one and they are happy to give it to Miranda.

Marshall spent the afternoon with his to do list which included changing the oil in my car (and then cleaning up afterwards) and then hanging up a picture and the new mirror in our powder room. It's not completely completely done in there, but it is getting closer.

Miranda's therapist is sick this afternoon so we raced home from MOPS for no good reason. We'll probably sit around and relax as she got me up this morning at 5:30 am. Pesky girl. There's always laundry to fold.

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