Thursday, September 10, 2009

Day 2

So at about 2:30 yesterday I got a call from the school nurse who told me Alex was not having a good day, had refused to eat anything so of course wasn't even going to take his Ritalin from her. Poor boy had woken up almost 3 hours early for school and must have been exhausted by lunch time. New bus driver, new classroom, and a new schedule was enough to completely overwhelm him. At least his teacher, Miss Kim, was familiar from summer school. And there's a problem with his bus ride home so I have a call into transportation to find out what it is. He was cheerful when he got home but didn't do a whole lot before bed. The pile of paper in his backpack just for me must have been more than an inch high, though. It will take me a couple of days to get through all of it.

So, after I put Miranda to bed (she is consenting to sleep in her new bed, mostly, although I really need to get her a bigger blanket, I left the dirty dishes in the sink, skipped my neighborhood walk and went straight to the bathtub with bubble bath and a Georgette Heyer novel. I'd forgotten how much fun Frederica was. It meant I was fairly relaxed when I went to bed.

Today everyone woke up on time and fairly cheerfully and I was able to send Alex off with a few things that should make today a little easier. I will be picking him up from school early though to take him to the allergist. His eczema is going nuts again so Mimi will meet me at the doctor's office so help me cope with him while there. Miranda is going to Basically Babysitting. Her limp is better today but she managed to walk into a wall during Speech Therapy yesterday so has a new bruise on her cheek. I think her foot injury has affected her balance.

Tomorrow is Miranda's big day: pre-school orientation at Hope. Although I had a great conversation with the Springville school secretaries when I dropped off Alex's Ritalin yesterday morning, telling them how Miranda will be joining Miss Barbara's class soon.

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