Thursday, September 17, 2009

And now it's Thursday

I really need to dig out the camera and post the pictures of Miranda from the first day of preschool. Our children don't really pose for pictures though (yet another reminder of the dominance of Boyle genes--all real Webber children seem to come out of the womb knowing how to pose for a photograph!) so you're really not missing out on photographic excellence or yet another "I'm SO cute" picture of Miranda. Besides, my mother takes most of those anyway. I am an indifferent photographer.

Anyway, Miranda and I have spent the morning doing mostly nothing (I think she spent 90 minutes in the tub this morning) so that she can recover from her busy week. Pesky child took a nap yesterday at 4:45 pm so didn't go to bed until 8:30 pm and then was up from 4 to 5 am. I know why she's waking up in the middle of the night: hunger because she's refusing to eat dinner. She had a small cup of vanilla pudding for dinner last night which I offered out of desperation because if she ate that, at least she'd have some calories in her. I still remember the nights when Alex at this age would have tortilla chips for dinner. But he was a better sleeper then than she is now. Ugh. Marshall and I are really struggling to stay awake during the day. But it is an effort. I was really hoping all the fun and excitement of school this week would mean she'd sleep better. Boy, was I wrong.

Miss Cathy comes for speech therapy in an hour and then we'll lie around some more until Alex come home from school. I don't even have any laundry to do.

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