Sunday, April 19, 2009

We've had a perfectly awful day

as the Celica didn't sell and Alex managed to make Miranda bleed all the way home from church (I still haven't figured out how he cut her finger open) and we got to try out our new carpet steamer because we didn't change Miranda's dirty diaper fast enough so she tried to do it herself. Ewwww. More laundry. Sigh.

So, I thought I'd share the pictures our friend Vicky Olson took of us on Easter morning after the church service. This first one is Miranda with cookie all over her face (she managed to swipe two of them which in effect, became her lunch) clutching the new toy Daddy bought her for Easter, Purple Rubber Elephant (named for Max's Red Rubber Elephant from Max & Ruby). She cannot leave the house without it and we've almost left it twice and did leave it yesterday. It was rescued safely this morning, however.

Now we have Emily Olson with Miranda-cookie-face.

This is Alex admiring the red tulips we bought for the church and then got to bring home. He insisted on carrying them himself, all the way home on his lap. And then when he broke one, he was very distressed and asked Daddy for tape to fix it.

We always get flowers for Easter in memory of my cousin Matthew Wilson, who died suddenly almost six years ago.

Here's the four of us, although getting both children to hold still while smiling is . . . difficult.

They are really cute kids, though. It helps.
One more of Miranda with her friends, Emily and Charlotte Olson. And Purple Rubber Elephant.

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