Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spring Vacation

Alex is on Day 7 of his Spring Break and should be ready to go back to school on Monday. We have had a pretty low-key vacation for him, especially as he is adjusting to new anti-anxiety medication. In discussion with his school team, we decided to discuss our options with our doctor, which I did last Thursday. So this is also Day 7 of the new medication and we seem to be adjusting okay. It is causing some insomnia, which is normal, and hopefully, will wear off in a couple of days.

I haven't posted for more than 2 weeks because we've been registering new levels of stress here at Chez Webber what with the purchase of the new car, which got into an accident the day after we bought it (we were hit while stopped at an intersection in Philadelphia having just left our appt. with Miranda and the pediatric neurologist) so it then spent all of last week at the shop. So I've been spending the evenings doing not much. Last night I went out to see Fast & Furious by myself and enjoyed it; I have this strange weakness for Vin Diesel, but I couldn't watch him in The Pacifier; I turned it off after half an hour. Anyway, Roger Ebert's review of the new film is spot on.

Today seems to be naked day for Miranda. I've found her without any clothing or diaper 3 times already. Maybe potty training time has come! She did go on the potty for the first time on Monday after a bath (she drinks so much bath water that she had started peeing on the floor after every bath so I've been putting her on the potty after I dry her off) but today is different. We'll see.

At the end of today we will own 5 cars. I know, I know, there are only 2 drivers here. Marshall is buying a commuting vehicle from a friend at work today, a Toyota Corolla, and will sell the Cellica on Sunday. We may keep the Previa around for another month or so; we haven't decided exactly what to do with it yet since it's barely worth more than scrap metal. But the new xB is very nice and I am enjoying the process of learning to drive it. I took it out for an extended drive last night after the movie (duh!) and realized how easy it would be to get a speeding ticket. So I will just have to be more careful. I'm sure there will be times I will miss my super-charged minivan, but since we said good-bye to the big dog last September and don't plan to have a new one until the kids are much older and more self-sufficient, the xB has just the right amount of space and efficiency.

I think that's all I have time to post about right now. We had a lovely Easter at Marshall's sister's house, except for the tamtrum Miranda threw just as we were sitting down for dinner so she spent 20 minutes screaming upstairs in a pack-n-play before she fell asleep. Everytime I think I've figured out when she needs a nap and when she doesn't (it's now less than 50% of the week now), she fools me. We took the kids to the Discovery Museum to play yesterday (Marshall graciously took yesterday off of work to give me a break and since all of our other plans for the day fell through--dentist, family pictures, feeding therapy session for Alex--we decided to spend the afternoon playing) and Miranda fell asleep in the car on the way there. So Marshall sat in the car with her for 20 minutes while she had a pick-me-up-nap while Alex and I played.


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