Thursday, April 30, 2009

A little better today

Alex is still sleeping since there's no reason to wake him up. He still had a fever late yesterday afternoon and his appetite isn't back, so he's home for another day. Miranda bounded out of bed right before 7, per her usual habit. and has tried several times already to wake Alex up to play with her. She just doesn't understand why he should be home and not be up for chasing her around the house.

Anyway, in the end, all Alex had was the stomach flu, but it was the presentation that scared me so badly. Every other time he's had this kind of virus, we find out he's sick when he starts throwing up. This time, it was more than 3 hours of whimpering and looking pale and falling asleep at the drop of a hat before the vomiting started, which is what freaked me out. He has never been able to tell us when he's sick or where it hurts, so describing nausea was obviously beyond him.

And now he's up because Miranda's screaming just woke him. There are mornings when I am not happy with her, like today. She's been in trouble since she got up. When she's unhappy with us these days she just swings her arm back and smacks us as hard as she can. The best thing to do is catch her arm before she can hit. I understand why she's unhappy: on Tuesday, she was dragged all over creation when all she wanted to do was play at home, and now, yesterday and today, we're stuck at home because Alex is sick, but he won't play with her. It's just not her week.

If we make it to Saturday without the rest of us throwing up, we'll probably be in the clear. Here's hoping.

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