Sunday, February 22, 2009

Crazy busy!

My parents are visiting (they leave Tuesday, sigh) so we're working on all kinds of projects and pushing other ones forward while we have grandparents to babysit and add extra hands, so I haven't even thought about blogging. We took Miranda out of her crib yesterday (anyone want to buy a nice, used crib?) and she slept in the toddler bed for the first time last night. But in order to do this, we had to switch rooms between Alex and Miranda since he had the room that could be baby-proofed (a closet that locks, a door lock on the outside of the door, etc) so yesterday morning my father and Marshall disassembled and reassembled furniture and everything we'd been hiding in Miranda's room (she really only had half a room, poor thing; the rest was our storage but used to be our office) is now in the front room. Ugh. Hopefully, we'll be able to post some pictures soon.

We did enjoy watching the golf tournament with my father this afternoon and Alex and Miranda didn't fuss at not having the TV to themselves. Sunday afternoon growing up was always spent watching golf with Dad; that's just the way things were and still are. He already put in his order for me to pick up the final day of The Masters which falls on Easter Sunday this year and he'll be at church for the end as their church service starts at 4 pm, Central. So we'll record it for him in HD and burn it to a couple of DVD's, supposing everything with the Sage box is working by then. I told Marshall yesterday he has all of Lent to make it work. It has been a rather frustrating project, though. We wanted to go HD and we hate Comcast which meant we had to leave TiVo since they're now partnered with Comcast and we didn't like the options offered by DirecTV, so we decided to build our own. Rather, we decided Marshall would build us a system himself. All I do I speak encouragingly when he frustrated and try not to kick the box when it crashes. And it's not like the TiVo box never crashes; don't ever try to play Monsters, Inc. more than twice in a row without stopping the disc or it will kill the machine, trust me. Anyway, we reconsidered about a month ago after things had gone wrong yet again (3 bad motherboards in a row is seriously statistically unlikely) but still prefer to go with Sage, even though we've been through half a dozen remotes, none of which has been able to be programmed perfectly. TiVo spoiled us with the best designed remote available and it's hard to go back from there. But not even the TiVo remote would allow itself to be completely reprogrammed. So much fun being on the bleeding edge of technologly.

Please pray for a meeting I have Tuesday morning with Miranda's Early Intervention Case Worker and the Speech Pathologist that evaluated her last week. We have made progress but not enough to test out of the program, which means Miranda is still months behind in speech and comprehension from where a neurotypical child would be. And since our current speech therapist is going out on disability next week, we will need for Joan, our marvelous, wonderful never-makes-us-feel-like-we-one-of-90-families-she-works-with Case Worker to find us a new one, post haste.

Okay, I really need to get Alex out of the bathtub.


Anonymous said...

Do you have DISH Network as an option? We've been using their DVR system for the last several years and are pretty happy with it.


Sarah Boyle Webber said...

We have DirecTV, but we were never impressed with their DVR options. The Pioneer TiVo unit we had let us burn our own discs in addition to all the other DVR options and we didn't want to give that up. Hence the wonderful trip to SageLand.