Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy Ash Wednesday!

I should really be getting dressed and ready for Bible study, but wanted to share this post from the Episcopal Bishop Lawrence of South Carolina that I read on T19 this morning called "Ruben's Samson--with Lent Around the Corner." God has really been working overtime in my life to heal relationships so I am approaching this Lenten season with a spirit of joy, even though my parents went home last night after a wonderful visit.

Here's the best part:
Time for a spiritual checkup; that’s what Ash Wednesday is. Samson could’ve used it. And Lent, well among other things, it’s a spiritual shape-up for one’s Christian life; a godly housecleaning before a welcomed visitor; a spring spading and planting of the garden; even a long intimate walk with Christ. Repentance after all, once you commit yourself to it, usually ends in joy. I know the downside of the season as well as anyone. There are a lot of Lenten hymns I don’t care for. Some are dirge-like, others drab—(incidentally, Fr. Michael Wright has written a fine one and is willing to share it); the Kyrie can’t compare with the Gloria (surely there’s a good one out there, I’m just wanting to find it); and mea culpas just don’t yield themselves to full-throated praise from the heart as do Alleluias! Still, I have to admit when the pall of purple finally does give way on Easter morning, it’s like the end and the beginning of all things: the packed car starting out on vacation; the tied-fly cast lightly on the water; the closing of a good book: the opening of a better one.

May a rejuvenating Lent come your way!

Blessings in Christ our Savior and Lord,

--(The Rt. Rev.) Mark Lawrence is Bishop of South Carolina

I left Miranda painting by herself in the kitchen. Time to go find the mess she's made and change her clothes, again. :)

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