Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Snowbound today

Alex is home from school today since we had a couple of inches of snow last night. Even though the school district has a 2 hour delayed opening, there is no school for preschoolers when the schedule is altered. Which means even though Friday is a scheduled early dismissal, he won't have school at all that day. I can't wait for next year when he'll be classified "kindergarten." And Miranda was up from 5:30-6:30 am coughing but is fast asleep now so I'm blogging in a bleary-eyed fashion. I still haven't completely kicked this cold, so I'm back on Sudafed. At least I went to bed earlier than usual last night, at 10.

I was really looking forward to going to Bible study today. We just started Beth Moore's Stepping Up on the Psalms of Ascent but we've been on Week One for 3 weeks now as it snowed last Wednesday as well. I'm sure it won't hurt me to read Psalms 120-122 again.

It is beautifully pristine outside right now, though. I'll try and get some pictures. I might even send the kids outside in the snow, despite Miranda's cold. She was begging to go out yesterday. Her favorite episode of Max & Ruby right now is "Max's Snow Bunny" which I've been letting her watch twice a day since she's been sick since Saturday and it cheers her up. Max and Ruby are outside playing in the snow for most of the episode and I think she'd like to try it for herself. I kept her inside last winter during the few snowstorms we had so she's never really had the full playing in the snow experience. Perhaps today is the day.

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