Monday, March 17, 2014

From the Land of the Hacking Cough

1. We've all had the flu now. I have one more dose of my antibiotic; Marshall went on antibiotics on Friday since a week spent in bed did nothing to bring down his fever. And Alex spiked a fever as soon as we woke him to get ready to fly to Texas last Monday. We think Miranda had a mild version last weekend although she barely ran a fever at all. She mostly stayed in bed watching some videos on YouTube of people playing Minecraft. She doesn't actually play the game, mind you, but just watches someone else playing and narrating.

It was exciting flying from Philadelphia to Orlando to San Antonio to visit dear friends for 5 days with a feverish child. I was praying the whole week that all the germs would stay with us and no one we encountered would get sick. But we'd planned the trip for 15 months previously and the tickets were non-refundable. So we went.

And even though Alex was living from one dose of Children's Advil to the next and sleeping poorly (he and I shared a bed) for the first 3 days, we still had a lovely time.

I can't honestly say he had less anxiety on this trip (a new place, flying on airplanes without daddy, to meet new people who don't have all the right food) because of his fever or not. I've no idea. The sweet doggies certainly helped calm him.

Tiger on the left, Daisy on the right. Alex and I spent many happy moments snuggling with them. I didn't get a picture of Tiger sitting on Miranda's lap, unfortunately.

2. On the way out, in the Orlando airport:

On the way home. Our flight leaving Atlanta for Philadelphia was delayed about 45 minutes.

3. Here's Dawn and I at my wedding, June 21, 1997:

Here's our picture from Saturday morning, right before leaving for the airport. We've aged a bit, 6 kids later.

4. Tirzah is almost 4 and a complete ham.

5. This is Aaron reading Calvin & Hobbes to Miranda before bed, on Friday night. Sorry it's out of focus.

6. Dawn recently joined Jamberry as an Independent Consultant. Here are my efforts to help her out:

I like the blue nails even better than I expected.

7. Other random pictures:

Next week I hope to have a review of the Veronica Mars movie!

And here's Jen.

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