Saturday, September 15, 2012

It's Been One Week

1. I have already posted twice this week (an occurrence verging on the miraculous) so there isn't a whole lot more to say. I was so tired in the evenings that not much stitching was accomplished, but here is a progress pic, nonetheless:

2. I am a confessed television addict but my husband, not so much. Together we watch Dirty Jobs, Mythbusters, Grimm, and, of course, Doctor Who. But over the summer, he watched the first two seasons of The Walking Dead and recently he's been catching up on Season 2 of Falling Skies. In fact, the new series that he's most interested in is Revolution.

I cannot watch these shows with him, though. To even consider living my life in a post-apocalyptic society is deeply upsetting. So I asked him what he liked about this genre and he replied that, for the most part, they are interesting dramas that include unique problems and rarely do those problems resemble his daily life. And he's right: nary a flesh-eating zombie or terrifying alien from outer space intent on enslaving my children to be found here in Mount Laurel.

3. Sadly, the US Open finished on Monday evening. I did, however, watch the Phillies game on Thursday night because I heard on NPR that morning that our local team was still in the running for a Wild Card slot for the post-season. I am such a fair-weather fan.

4. I've been feeling dopey all week and I can't figure out if it's the ear infection healing or the antibiotics I'm taking. Antibiotics for adults are just no fun. Or I just need to sleep more.

5. You'd think with both kids in school all day (Miranda leaves about 7:50 am and returns about 3:15 and Alex leaves about 8:35 and returns just after 4) I'd be so caught up on all my stuff. Not really. I did go to Wednesday morning Bible study at church on Wednesday morning and then went to Panera's for lunch with a friend. And took both children to their 6 month dental check-up appointment on Thursday at noon (what was I thinking when I scheduled that for the first full week of school?) Somehow all those hours passed me by without much beyond the usual tasks. And a few naps, but I blame the ear infection for that.

6. I did manage to mow the backyard on Thursday afternoon and really need to do the front this afternoon. The weeding in the front bed also needs to be taken in hand, although the best way to do this is to go outside 10 minutes before Miranda's bus with my gloves and weed until she comes home. And do this everyday until it's done. That way, my hands don't get blistered from trying to do it all at once but progress is being made.

7. The piles of papers from the last 2 school years are still taunting me in the corners of my room and the front room. And the children's closets. So many projects, so little will.

Jen's taking the week off, but she has a link to Grace.

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