Sunday, September 30, 2012

From Crisis to Crisis

1. Really a bad week. I went back to the doctor's office Friday because I went back to feeling awful as soon as I finished antibiotic #2 and was immediately given a scrip for antibiotic #3 and told to take a whole handful of antihistamines to help relieve the pressure in my ears. The nurse also took blood and throat cultures to see if I have anything exotic. So not much done on the dragon this week, even though all I've been doing, it seems, is lie around.

I wish you could see the sparklies in the picture. About 1/3 of the stitches have iridescent thread mixed in. It's very pretty.

2. Alex's 20 minutes of homework on weeknights is taking at least 2 hours because he doesn't think he should have to do homework every night. Welcome to third grade, kid. It's making all of us crazy; please pray he gives in soon. He is fully capable of all that's being asked of him; he's just refusing on principle.

3. Our dryer died last Sunday so I spent the whole week without the ability to do laundry (I love doing laundry; it's so satisfyingly concrete to make things clean again). Today, finally, in desperation, I started hauling clothes over to my parents' new place to use their dryer. But, my darling husband came through yet again and had a new (used) dryer installed and working by 4 pm. It required some electronics repair as well as cleaning out the laundry room, so it was a serious pain, but I can now wash and dry clothes again. My backlog is pretty significant, though, which is why I usually do at least one load every day.

4. Saw this on Facebook this week and don't know who to give credit to, but it sums up my feelings about the election pretty well:

5. Saw this on Facebook, too:

I am a tiger; seems fitting. So is Marshall, which is good in terms of mating, I think.

6. Watched a lot of baseball this week, even though the Phillies won't make it to the post-season. It's something I can do with hardly any brain cells and if something interesting happens, I can always back it up and watch it again. Was there life before DVR's?

7. I can't think of anything else. My brain's been pickled by antihistamines. Better luck next week?

Here's Jen.

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Jennifer @ Conversion Diary said...

Sorry to hear that you've been sick! Ugh. The only thing worse than being sick is when the doctors can't figure out what it is. I'll say a prayer that things get better from here!

Thanks for joining in. Always great to see your name on the list!