Sunday, July 15, 2012

Too Much Fun

1. Too much fun in our house means you are crying with exhaustion. That pretty much describes the week. Which would explain why it's Sunday afternoon and I'm only just now blogging.

I planned all these fun things for my children to do to keep them occupied this summer, not remembering that they wake up bright and happy every morning, ready for the next thing while I drag myself out of bed, moaning. Silly me.

2. We were invited to a birthday party at the JCC Camp in Medford yesterday, which has a really awesome swimming complex. Here's Alex having a fabulous time:

3. Miranda also enjoyed herself, just not to such abandon:

4. Instead of cleaning or organizing or sleeping this week, in the evenings when my children were unconscious, I continued to stitch and watch Perry Mason. So, lots of good progress:

5. This week, Miranda will be going to camp in the mornings at the Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge. I deliver her at 9 am and pick her up at noon, much dirtier, or so that is the promise. It should be an interesting experiment.

6. I haven't been to the movies yet. I'm too tired. I've been changing into my pajamas before Marshall gets home from work in the evening. Pretty sad.

7. Is it nap time yet? Maybe after I go fold all the laundry I just dumped on my bed so it would get done before I tried to lay down for a nap.

Here's Jen.

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Lindse94 said...

Our summer has been fun:)