Saturday, July 21, 2012

I Feel So Much Better!

1. Apparently, all I needed was some sleep. My parents took the kids yesterday afternoon from lunchtime until after dinner, so I took a long afternoon nap, and then they came back this morning at 7 am to feed the kids breakfast so that I could sleep until 10 am. I feel like a new person!

2. I didn't get a lot of stitching done this week (I guess I was just tired) but I was able to finish up that bottom section and then moved on to the tail on top. Although, you can tell by the trailing thread that I ran into some counting problems last night and simply gave up, figuring I could fix it when my brain was working better.

Hopefully, it won't require a lot of frogging.

I'm not quite at the half-way point on the basic stitching (don't forget the extensive back-stitching and beading that await me at the end) but I can see it from here and it's a good feeling.

3. Speaking of (or writing) of accomplishments, my dear husband has been working hard on his own to get those other bookshelves built into the other corner in the living room. This morning, he got both of the frames in place:

This afternoon, he plans to work on the actual shelves. Woohoo!

4. Miranda had a wonderful week at camp at the Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge. If she had any behavior problems, I didn't hear about them. It was quite a drive for me as there is no easy way to get there from here, but I have a much better idea of the layout of the city of Medford, NJ, even if it is laid out in the matter of a rabbit warren (i.e., no straight lines or right angles, anywhere, but when you're building a town in the midst of a series of lakes and forests, I guess that's what you get).

5. I still haven't been to the movies to see either The Amazing Spider-Man or The Dark Knight Rises but have hopes for the coming week, since I'm feeling all refreshed and everything.

I watched more Perry Mason while stitching this week, but I think I'm starting to burn out on it and may not make it through all 9 seasons before I give it up. I also got caught up on Longmire and went back to watching the first season of Magnum, P.I. My mother-in-law is right, Tom Selleck is incredibly appealing.

6. Alex continues to be emotionally fragile even though he's having a great summer with school and his afternoon program. We don't know why, so we just hug him a lot and don't worry when he spends all his free time glued to a computer.

7. My birthday is next Friday, the day the Summer Olympics start in London. It's going to be a happy day and it means I'll be glued to the television for hours, watching every bit of gymnastics, swimming, diving and indoor volleyball and maybe a little track and field. I'm not a sports fan, really, but everyone has to make an exception for the Olympics.

And here's Jen. If you missed her hilarious post from earlier in the week, read it here. I mean it, you will laugh until you cry.

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