Friday, January 7, 2011

Slow Week

1. It has been a very slow week for me. The children went back to school on Monday and while Alex seems to be happily working away again, Miranda continues to frustrate us all with her lack of cooperation and unwillingness to follow directions. She cried herself to sleep Tuesday night (because she wasn't tired--yeah, right!) and had been so disobedient that she forfeited her rights to have one of us lay down with her and snuggle. When I said "I love you" and walked out her door, I could hear her whining, "I don't love you! Where's Grandma? Where's Grandpa?" She calls for them when she's in trouble, expecting them to rescue her from duly earned consequences. As if!

So while the kids were back in school and Marshall was buried at work, I sat around with not much to do. Took a lot of naps. Did some grocery shopping. Wrote some postcards. Strange week. 

2. It is presently snowing. It's only supposed to snow about an inch here in South Jersey. If it falls as expected, Miranda has a sitter coming to play with her this afternoon so that I can go out shopping with my mother-in-law. But we are still waiting to see what the accumulation is.

3. My aunt Katie is coming to visit tomorrow with her two adult children, my cousins Laura and Aaron. I am so excited! Laura and Aaron haven't seen Alex since he was 2 and have never met Miranda, so they are going to have a great time together. And Katie is the person in the family whom I resemble the most (she is my father's baby sister) so we get along famously and have ever since my birth. The sleeping arrangements are going to be interesting in our small house and I hope I have enough blankets (they live in San Diego and are not accustomed to the cold of East Coast winters) but it's still going to be wonderful!

4. Youth Group is starting up again this Sunday evening. I am really excited to get back into the swing of things, especially since the small group I'm leading this time for Inner Mission will be reading Bad Girls of the Bible by Liz Curtis Higgs. I can't wait to share this story of God's grace with our students!

5. It's been slow going on my cross stitch this week. Too much confetti. I keep looking at the original to inspire me to slog ahead. But last night I almost finished the top half of Page 9. Unfortunately, the bottom half looks like more of the same. Here's your progress pic, anyway: 

6. I gave up on Buffy this week. Somehow, I wasn't up to coping with the drama and pain of "Surprise/Innocence," even though they are some of the best episodes of the series. So I watched a couple of movies that, strangely, the theme was mostly about theivery and deception.
  • Righteous Kill - not as bad as I expected from its terrible reviews, but still only a shadow of what it could have been.
  • Takers - Idris Elba continues to be impressive in whatever he does. I really need to finish watching Luther. Although I also enjoyed watching Paul Walker and Hayden Christensen.
  • Despicable Me - Miranda and I watched this together yesterday, even though I think it was a little beyond her comprehension. It is a great film, though.
  • I was planning to watch The Town last night, to keep up with my week of heist movies, but Marshall voted for something lighter, so we continued to work our way through Series 4 of The Sarah Jane Adventures
  • Aunt Katie is sponsoring a night out next Tuesday for Marshall and I and recommends we see The King's Speech. The reviews are very impressive, so perhaps we will do so. I'm also tentatively planning to see Tangled with a good friend on Thursday evening, if the week doesn't get away from us.
7. A few other links for you, in case you've missed them:
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