Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday at the Beach with 3 Grands

1. I know I am late posting this, but we spent several hours in Surf City today with Mimi and my parents so we are all tired but happy. I haven't looked at the pictures yet. I will try to post them later.

2. Tomorrow will be a busy day. We have family pictures at 10:30 am (the 6 of us), cousin Lilly's birthday party at noon, and then Marshall and I are supposed to go off for a few days on our own before my parents bring the children to join us on Wednesday. Somehow tonight I'm supposed to plan out what food take with us, pack my clothes and books and cross stitch stuff and otherwise get ready to leave. I'm not sure it's going to happen.

3. Did not manage to get to the movies last weekend. I did get the house fairly clean in advance of my parents' arrival, though, which always makes me happy.

4. My children have been very happy this week to have their grandparents here visiting. Except for the nights we kept Miranda up too late (if you put try to put her to bed after 7 pm, it usually ends in tears and some screaming) everyone's been pretty happy with everyone else. Makes for a lovely change.

5. So I remembered that my mother asked me in April to make an appointment with the photographer during their August visit but I didn't remember until after they had left home so yesterday when my mother and I tried to find clothes for 6 people that would coordinate, we were stumped. So we went shopping. Kohl's had a good sale and we used one of my father's shirts as a base and bought new shirts for myself, my husband, my mother and Alex. We figure Miranda's going to wear her favorite star dress anyway and it is difficult to reason with her these days about what she wants to wear. Hopefully, I will have pictures to post in a week or so.

6. Please be praying that the next week goes well. We really need the children to be cooperative with the grandparents as well as in the vacation villa.

7. Alex's last day of summer school with be Wednesday before they leave to join us up at the Delaware Water Gap. God Bless you, Miss Kim!

And here's Jen.

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