Friday, July 30, 2010

The Friday Before My Parents Arrive - Thank God!

1. Miranda has gone completely bonkers again, like last summer, when we have to wrap her up in a blanket and hold her legs down so she doesn't bruise us by kicking and hitting us. Yesterday she and I fought about putting on a new pull-up for an hour, after which she fell asleep on the bathroom floor naked except for her towel wrapped around her. She slept for an hour and then woke up, ready to fight for another 90 minutes. Then Daddy came home and she decided to get dressed and come out and play. Like nothing was the matter. I went to bed with a headache while my amazing husband put the kids to bed. I need my mother. Who will be here on Monday before lunch. God is gracious.

2. The weather is cooler today so we went to a park this morning and both kids played happily and well for 90 minutes. For the first time, I didn't play over-protective mommy, following them around the park. I just kept an eye on them and made sure I could see them every couple of minutes. I even sent Alex into the men's room by himself instead of dragging him into the little girl's room. I guess they do grow up, eventually. Me, too.

3. My birthday was Tuesday--I am now 35 years old! Ugh!--and we had an absolutely perfect day at the beach in Surf City with Mimi, Aunt Leah and the cousins, until it was time to leave. Neither of my children will stop to eat so they play and swim until their blood sugars drop precipitously and we leave by way of McDonald's. Aunt Leah carried Miranda to the car after she collapsed on the sand, too tired to walk (maybe) or too upset to leave (likely).

I was so proud of Alex for going out on his new boogie board (thank you, Mimi & Pop Pop) and swimming out as far as he could all by myself. And I was proud of myself for letting him without worrying too much. Miranda, for the first time, felt comfortable enough in the water to actually swim. We are planning to go back week with Grandma and Grandpa.

4. Thanks to Ashley and Ben (babysitters extraordinaire), Marshall and I were able to go out Tuesday night, have a nice dinner together and see Inception. I highly recommend the film. I'm thinking of sneaking out tonight and seeing Salt. I really should stay home and clean, though. We'll see how bedtime goes.

5. Yesterday, Julia was free, so she came over at 11 am so that I could drive into the city and have a nice lunch with Marshall. Besides, it was Qdoba day at SIG. I got all spiffied up so that I could impress his friends and co-workers. I try to do this at least once a year. I used to take Miranda with me but she's not so much fun in cubicle-land anymore.

6. Continuing to watch lots of British television shows to comfort myself after Miranda goes to bed. Lots of Poirot, something called Whitechapel that was more about politics in the CID than a gore-fest, and am prepping to watch Blackpool and something called Lost in Austen. Jersey Shore fans can just bite me!

7. Our High School students and adults are leaving for NC for their Mission Trip early Sunday morning. I will be spending the week, while enjoying my parents' company and preparing to leave for my vacation with Marshall next Saturday night, praying for their safety and spiritual growth.

Here's Jen. And you must read Anne Kennedy's post from earlier this week--it's hilarious!

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Amy said...

Happy Birthday!

I keep hearing about Inception. I'll have to keep it in mind if DH and I get a date night any time soon.

My "7" are posted HERE if you'd like to stop by.  :)