Friday, May 21, 2010

I really should just start numbering these Friday posts

like Jen does, instead of trying to come up with a silly, catchy title. Silly Sarah.

1. Spent all of Wednesday afternoon and evening reading two books. I was reading through the comments of a post on the Slactivist blog (see link on right) and somehow the conversation was talking about books and Daddy-Long-Legs and Dear Enemy by Jean Webster. I had read the former when I was a girl but never knew about the sequel. My library didn't have a copy of both of them, but Inter-Library Loan (one of my best friends!) is still operating (although it might disappear in a month due to budget cuts-ugh!) found it for me and so I spent my time with a book in my hand (instead of my usual laptop), following my children around as they played. Daddy Long Legs was just as good as I remembered (the film with Leslie Caron is actually not too bad) and Dear Enemy was excellent and ends with quite a bit of drama. I highly recommend both books, and not just for young adult readers.

2. Alex did not have a good week last week, biting a least 2 people and probably one of his friends at school as well. (Of course, given Miranda's behavior on Saturday, I'm really not surprised he bit her; I wanted to do the same.) So, in consultation with his doctor, we have raised his anti-depressant dose again. It seems to be helping so far. I love experimenting on my children with psychoactive drugs.

3. However, on a good note, Alex doesn't want to sleep in pull-ups anymore so we may spend the next week trying to go dry all night with him. That would be a wonderful thing! He made it through most of last night just fine.

4. Got ahead of the laundry this week, finally. And got back to walking, so it was a decent week for me, especially since bedtime with Miranda wasn't as traumatic as last week. Last Friday night, we had to lock Miranda in her room and let her cry herself to sleep. I really hate doing that. However, while I was waiting for her to fall asleep, we were in between storms and when I went out on the front porch, there was a beautiful rainbow, which I was able to share with Alex. Rainbows are very high on his list of favorite things.

5. Today was Field Day at Alex and Miranda's school and they both came home from school yesterday with notes asking me to send in frozen disposable water bottles because the weather today is hot. The problem is, we use reusable bottles so I actually had to go out and buy some last night.

6. I have 170 GB of videos and music on our server right now, and the video portion would give me enough to watch for almost 30 full days, 24 hours a day, and I still have been having trouble deciding at night what to watch while I stitch. I actually watched live TV several times this week, switching channels during the commercials (we don't watch commercials). I think I'm a little over-loaded with options. But then, I've never been terribly decisive. Part of my problem is, though, that most of our stuff belongs to the list of serious movies or series, with not a whole lot of fluff, or I've watched the fluff too many times (I'm talking about you, Speed Racer). (Somehow, 10 Things I Hate About You, one of my absolutely favorite movies, just isn't the same since Heath died.) And lately, I've really needed fluff to watch because I feel so strung out from trying to keep up with my kids. Marshall is down to the wire on his engine rebuild of our 1972 Super Beetle, so he's been working long hours in the garage after long hours at SIG. We just need to get through the next 2 weeks and life should get a little easier.

7. I realized this week that the reason I hated vacuuming was that I had a lousy vacuum. My new Oreck makes it so much more fun. I managed to pick up and vacuum more than half the house yesterday in about 90 minutes. Practically miraculous!

And here's Jen.


Jordana said...

Daddy-Long-Legs and Dear Enemy were favorite books of mine when I was younger. I need to reread them!

Marshall Webber said...

You don't have to compete with the Beetle. I quit.