Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Have You Met Shaun the Sheep?

Our new obsession (read: Alex's new obsession) is Shaun the Sheep. If you haven't met him, I highly recommend the videos, which we borrowed from the library. For the amount of times we've now watched them, I should probably just buy them. Since I can't figure out how to insert a You Tube Video, you'll just have to do with a link. Marshall and I have been a fan of Aardman Animations since we were given Wallace and Gromit VCR tapes as a wedding gift from good friends. What Alex probably likes best is there is little or no dialogue. Just the sheep flock and the dog interacting and pulling tricks on each other and the farmer. Lots of fun!

1 comment:

Omar said...

This is excellent! How come I have never seen these before? Is it because I don't have a six-year-old child?

Thanks for sharing!