Friday, April 9, 2010

Next Friday

1. Spring Break is almost over! Yeah! My children really do better when they go to school every day. My mother is here to help me and we did some fun things on Monday (met a friend at Laurel Acres) and Wednesday (Philly Zoo), but Alex really needs to be back on his regular schedule and Miranda has been asking to go to school for 3 days.

2. A good friend of my parents has Delta miles to burn so he's giving them to me for my plane ticket to my brother's wedding in LA in July. I'll be gone July 3-11. Talk about an ideal California vacation. Marshall will be spending that same week at home with the kids. Start praying for him now. Alex's summer school session should start July 5 or 6, though, which will help. Miranda's summer school depends on the school budget passing April 20. Please pray for that, too.

3. I finally joined Facebook yesterday. I kept promising the HS students I mentor at church that I would sign up and our Leadership Team told me at our Wednesday night meeting to just do it, already. I already have 88 friends, but many of them are people from church, which was the point, anyway.

4. We got the Wii we share with Marshall's sister and her family back Wednesday and found my bowling skills aren't that rusty after a few months' worth of a break (we gave it to Leah after Thanksgiving). Nor my tennis. Of course, if I spend as much time playing as I did last night, I'm never going to get any cross stitching done.

5. Still haven't been to the movies yet since Sherlock Holmes. I think The Losers is going to be my first this spring. That is, if the reviewers don't kill it. The trailer looks fun, though.

6. Doctor Who started broadcasting Series 5 last Saturday night on BBC One. We watched it Sunday night. It was awesome. Don't tell the Torrent Police.

7. Tomorrow's trip to Longwood Gardens may be postponed as my mother seems to have caught my laryngitis. Dang viruses.

And here's Jen.

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