Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday, April 30th

Which means May starts tomorrow. Yikes! 1/3 of 2010 is just gone. Wow.

1. Miranda has started telling me when her pull-up is wet or dirty which means we might, finally, be getting to a point to start potty-training. A girl can hope, anyway.

2. I started the week with a bad cold that has morphed into a serious allergy attack. Spring is definitely here. The amount of anti-histamines consumed by this household is pretty amazing. And, of course, we're all taking different ones. Helpful it isn't.

3. My friend Vicky Olson found this website called TerraCycle which will allow us to start recycling other items in our household our townships won't take in the bins. Way cool!

4. Finished stitching page 2 of White Lilies on Red on Wednesday night and started right into page 3 last night. Progress! It is beautiful and it's going to be huge. I keep going by focusing on half a page at a time, and that's all. And I don't worry about a deadline.

5. Went to the movies by myself last Friday night and saw The Losers. I don't care what a lot of the critics said; I liked it! Of course, there were only 15 other people in the theatre. Yes, there were so few, I was able to count them easily. Sigh.

6. It's a sad day when I have to order new coloring books and terrycloth bathrobes for my children from Amazon because none of the stores I visit have either available.

7. Sat around most of yesterday thinking of "You know you're a lazy housewife when..." aphorisms because I wasn't feeling well and the house was a mess. Then I spent some time looking on the web about what to do when you feel like a lazy or frumpy housewife and the common answer was: work more! Work on your image, your wardrobe, your weight, etc. Ugh. What I really need around here (cue laughter) is more work! Whatever.

And here's Jen.


Melissa said...

I remember my sister and I went to a chick flick the weekend a harry potter movie came out. The guy didn't even know what the tickets said and had to look up which room it was showing in, and then we were the only ones in the whole room. It was awesome!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there. We are all popping claritin like it's going out of style here in CA. Keep buying from Amazon. I love that site and I own a bunch of stock in that company. LOL:) Praying for Ya!!