Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sorry, no picture yet

I know I promised a progress picture of my new cross stitch but Miranda has been sick for the last week. Today is the first good day since last Saturday and I'm still sitting next to her, waiting in a rather paranoid state. We have been cleaning up vomit and diarrhea since last Sunday, washing and sanitizing everything we can think of, trying to keep her from reinfecting herself again. In desperation yesterday, I actually paged our pediatrician at 8:30 am and he advised me to keep her away from foods that would irritate her stomach. See, when Alex is sick, he doesn't eat or ask for anything that would make him feel worse. And he usually kicks the stomach flu in 12-18 hours. Miranda, after vomiting, is hungry and, well, she is only 3, so she asks for something to eat. Usually, something not good for her upset stomach, and the cycle starts all over again. It took us a couple of days to figure out Miranda's stomach is not like Alex's, but I think we've got it now. But I have washed her bedding so many times in hot water and bleach that her beloved purple blanket is starting to look a little ratty. It may have to be replaced this winter.

My brother and his fiancee arrive for a visit tomorrow morning and so all of the things we were supposed to have been doing all week to get the house ready weren't done because Miranda was up every night and we could barely keep up with the laundry and cleaning required by her illness, much less do anything extra. We now have to decide what we can get done today and what will just have to be left undone.

The cross stitch I am currently working on is White Lilies on Red. It will be beautiful, but if I continue at my current pace, it's going to be a 2 year process.

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