Monday, September 9, 2013

I Wasn't Planning to Blog Today But....

1. Today is the first day of school and this has been running in my head for days:

2. Being that today is the first day of school, I guessed a time way earlier than necessary to start getting ready for the day since the bus schedules are estimates and neither child likes to be rushed. So my alarm went off at 5:49 am. It was still dark outside.

I woke Alex about 6:15 for hot pancakes and he was happy to be the only one awake with me. Of course, since he cannot be quiet, Miranda stumbled out about 20 minutes later and I made her pancakes then.

Alex's bus came at 7:25 (moving from a 9 am start last year to a 8 am start this year), as expected, and he has a bus driver we've had previously (though I can't ever remember her name; bad mommy brain). He was ready by 7 and cheerful. Of course, since he has no AD/HD meds at the moment, he's going to have a bouncy day. But that's better than a screamy day.

At 5 of 8, I walked Miranda down to the end of the block with a couple of the neighbor kids, only to have, 15 minutes later, her short bus stop for her at the corner and tell me they'll be picking her up in the driveway, same as every other previous year. Mt. Laurel SD Transportation's mailings leave a little to be desired in the way of details. I thought since she's now "mainstreamed," she'll ride the big bus with all the other kids. But, apparently, since she still has an IEP, she's still riding the short bus. It's probably better for me, but I have this horrible feeling that she's going to come home absolutely crushed because she didn't get to ride the big bus. At least dance class starts tonight.

3. If you've never watched a How It Should Have Ended trailer, you are missing out. Here's the one for Pacific Rim:

4. I wasn't planning to blog this morning because after the kids went to school, I was going to nap. But the refrigerator has been running loudly so Marshall suggested I defrost it and see if that helps. So I did that first thing. Then I got started working some YG correspondence. Then I thought I should just blog a little. And I wrote a grocery list for Shop Rite. But I'm still planning to nap.

5. The US Open is nearly finished. It was a very exciting Women's final yesterday between Serena and Vika. Tonight it's Rafa vs. Novak and we are totally rooting for the Serbian. I'm sad that this year's tennis is coming to a close, but my children won't be disappointed to have more access to the television again. But there's still baseball. The Phillies actually beat the Braves this weekend. Talk about your miracles.

6. I know there hasn't been regularly blogging here lately. I've either been too tired or there hasn't seemed anything to share but children yelling and fighting and stress. If I don't have good news to share, it's hard to write.

7. Jen had her website redesigned and it sure is pretty.

And here's her quick takes.

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Melanie said...

Thanks for blogging. You know I so relate to most of your posts. I was not as motivated this morning, but at least the dishes are cleaned. :-)