Monday, November 19, 2012

Melancholy Zombie

1. It's Sunday afternoon and I really need to have something posted for the week. But, just like Saturday night, Alex was up half the night and so my brain is really not all there. And I missed church this morning, again. Sigh. I like going to church. I actually look forward to sermons now. I also enjoy listening to A Prairie Home Companion now, which in the past I abhorred. I must be an actual adult now.

Speaking of Garrison Keillor, I caught the show on Nov. 3 and absolutely loved the segment with John Lithgow called "Cowboys Script" (laughed hysterically all the way home) but the introduction to Storyhill was arresting. I mean, it's been weeks and I still remember them and the song "Avalon," and for something to make more than a momentary impression on my brain these days is nearly miraculous. Once again, Youtube to the rescue.

I think that's the first time I've successfully embedded a video. I must not be completely brain dead, yet. One of these days I'll finally get around to buying the album.

2. It was a very full week. I spent all of yesterday in my pajamas doing laundry, trying to recover. And because of Alex's late night (I think he finally went to sleep about 3 am; I got some sleep before and after, but all I know is it wasn't enough), I'm still in my pajamas. I did shower, I just put on clean pajamas afterwards.

The week was so exhausting because I had to spend part of every single day relating to people. I am essentially an introvert; I am not energized by spending time with people, but drained by it. Since I spent the week going from event to event, by Friday night, I was toast.

3. And now it's Monday morning and I'm really out of time for a comprehensive blog post. It's cleaning day (that is, the women who clean my house are coming today) which is the impetus I need to get everything picked up so they can clean. Besides, I rarely want to reflect on bad weeks. My attitude is basically, let's move on.

I did have good meetings with both kids' teachers, though. God bless those teams of women who work with my kids because I don't know how we would manage without them.

4. For long time readers of my blog, they know we had an infestation of bed bugs last year. Well, our prayers have been answered, because there is now a magic pill that kills (most of) them.

5. On Saturday night, I watched Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and mostly enjoyed it. What's sad is that none of the slashing and blood spurting really surprised or upset me; maybe I've seen too many gory movies. The man playing Lincoln was decent, but the guys having the most fun were definitely Dominic Cooper and Rufus Sewell. Still, like the reviewers said, it is an interesting way to reinterpret the causes of the Civil War and the train scene over the flaming bridge at the end is so amazing, it's almost worth watching the rest of the movie for. I'm sure it will make quite a contrast to Spielberg's Lincoln.

6. I've finally been delving into my regular shows that have been stacking up since May, like Castle and NCIS. At long last, I did decide to give up on Star Wars: The Clone Wars. I stopped watching it last winter  but still kept recording it and when I tried to pick it up again this week, it just didn't seem worthwhile. I am enjoying the final series of Flashpoint, though. I'm going to be sorry to see that finish in a couple of weeks.

7. 3 days until Thanksgiving. My brother Jonathan, his wife and their son arrive by plane tomorrow night and my other brother, his wife and their baby girl are in D.C. presently and my father will go down to fetch them early Wednesday morning. It's going to be a very full holiday but lots of fun with two adorable babies crawling around. I'm sure lots of pictures will be taken.

Here's Jen.

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