Friday, October 12, 2012

News From Flannel Sheets Land

1. The overwhelming thought in my mind for the last 2.5 hours that I've been awake is, "Must go back to bed!" I have plenty to do today (we're almost out of peanut butter, which is practically catastrophic in this house) but once the children are off on their buses and the husband safely off to work, there's no one left to scream at me and I can usually put my To Do list on Mute. So, while I'm enjoying my morning tea after finishing my breakfast, I read Jen's Quick Takes on my wonderful smart phone and realize, "She's giving away free money this week! Must go blog immediately!" Which, of course, I can do from the warmth and comfort of my flannel sheeted bed. It's not that I didn't go to bed on time last night, because I did, not waiting to find out who won the last two baseball games (Oakland lost, boo, but Baltimore won, YEAH!). But somehow, I can never have enough sleep. Must be a mommy thing; someone is always there to wake you up before you want to.

2. Not a whole lot of stitching this week because I was too tired from (lesser amounts of) antihistamines and doing other things, but on Wednesday, when I sat down to stitch, I looked at the clean up work that needed to be done to finish the rest of the current section and I rebelled. And started working on a new section entirely. Sometimes, a person is just sick and tired of sparkly bits and needs the comfort of straight lines:

I either new to order a new Q-snap or something, because the fabric wouldn't stay stretched and made it difficult to work. Or maybe the fabric is just too old and I just need to hurry up and finish so I can frame this one and move on to the next project! For the record, my Q-snap is probably 10 years old and has teething marks on it from when Miranda found it when she was a toddler. So I'm probably due for another.

He is a very pretty dragon, even if he does have green feet. And, I'm told by the designer, that the Chinese Characters in the corners translate, clockwise starting in the top left, to Happiness, Longevity, Wisdom and Virtue. Here's your finished shot, again, if you need to remember, like I do, what he'll look like when finished. Maybe I'll just stay home and stitch all day. But, wait, peanut butter! Sigh.

3. Tomorrow, my parents and I are leaving early for Pottstown, PA, to attend "Celebrating Christ the Healer." Jim and Judy Shelly, who are good friends of my folks, are helping to organize the conference. I'm looking forward to spending the day in prayer and community and away from all the problems at home. Please pray that the children are good to my husband while I am gone.

4. Our new (used) dryer was fixed on Monday evening, which has meant I've spent a lot of time since then doing laundry, which means I am a much happier girl. And it reminds me of some of my favorite lines from one of my favorite movies:

Bianca: There's a difference between like and love. Because, I like my Skechers, but I love my Prada backpack. 
Chastity: But I love my Skechers. 
Bianca: That's because you don't have a Prada backpack. 

I could live without a dishwasher, but not without a clothes washer or dryer. 

I need to watch that movie again; it's been too long. But it's harder, now, that Heath is gone. Sigh.

5. Movies? What are movies? I forget. It's the post-season; I'm watching baseball and hoping for a World Series between Baltimore and D.C. I always root for the underdogs. Besides, the Cardinals won last year. And the Yankees have won too many times before. A franchise that can buy their way into the post season by buying up all the best players doesn't deserve to win. 

BTW, I would like to know how many of the Yankees players actually live in the state of New York. I mean, don't they live in the North Jersey suburbs like everyone else who works in NYC? 

6. Life on the homework scene is better and worse. Wednesday Alex took 2 hours to write 5 sentences (with his spelling words), absolutely refused to write the other required 5 sentences, and was sent to bed at 7 pm with all privileges revoked. But then yesterday he was perfectly happy to work through his spelling and math homework and then happily toddled off to beat the new levels of Angry Birds. But Miranda was a complete pill. 

It makes me wonder if the children conspire against me behind my back, deciding whose turn it is to make me miserable. Wednesday was Alex's turn and yesterday was Miranda's. And her homework that required the hour long fit? Writing her name, first and last, 2 times. Now, I will say that I should have fed her first. Low blood sugar almost always set her off. But I did try. She kept seeing something shiny walk by and forgot about her hunger until she sat down at the table with her pencil and paper. Convenient, that.

7. We still haven't settled on Halloween costumes and I now have 2 weeks left. Dang. Need to nail that down soon!

Here's Jen. Don't miss her post, especially numbers 2 & 5. Very funny.

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