Friday, May 25, 2012

Hurry, Hurry, Hurry

1. We had kind of a tough winter around here, what with my ankle and Marshall's surgery and ... everything else. So the backlog of stuff needing to be done is rather epic. Somehow, in the last week, I've wanted to tackle it all. In 5 days.

I know you're thinking, "Well, she did say last week that she was feeling better, but she didn't say she'd gone completely over the edge, did she? Did I miss that part?"

The motivating factor is that tomorrow I am leaving with my parents to spend the weekend in North Jersey at a family wedding. Marshall has a big project at work so he will be in the office until about midnight tonight and then all day Sunday. So, for the first time ever, we are leaving our children with someone not blood-kin overnight. Which means, since I am a control freak, a perfectionist and borderline OCD, I want everything to be perfect!

It does help that my cleaning lady came first thing this morning, so the usual layer of dirt and grime that lays on top of everything has now been wiped away. And I have been going through the piles that have been accumulating since December all throughout the week, recycling loads of paper, tossing anything broken or out of date, setting out clothes to give away, etc. But I haven't made it to the bottom of all the piles yet. Maybe by the end of June I will see all my corners again. Still, it feels good to make significant progress, as well as keep up with all my usual stuff.

2. On the nights I haven't dropped dead from exhaustion, I've been stitching. Here's my progress pic:

As I stitch, I've been watching Rookie Blue, starting in Season 1. It's soapy, but I like the actors and they do have chemistry. It's like the little sister series to Flashpoint, which I have been a fan of since its beginning.

3. All my activity this week has been focused on preparing the children and the house for someone else to be here (our babysitter). As soon as I return from the weekend away, on Monday afternoon, I start baking up a storm to make chocolate chip oatmeal cookie bars in miniature disposable baking pans for the millions of people who work with my children as end of the year gifts. Well, it's not millions, but twice a year, when I plan inexpensive, easy-to-duplicate gifts, it feels like it. The list is so long I do it in small chunks so I don't get overwhelmed. For example, next week will be the women who work with Miranda at MOPS (3). Then I'll move on to her teacher, aides, therapist, case manager, and bus driver for school (I think it's 12 but I'll need to recount). And then Alex's two classes at school. And then their buddies at church. Yes, I have a lot of people to be thankful for. And a lot of cookies bars to bake.

4. My calla lilies, the pride of my garden, just started opening today. Here's the first bloom:

5. If you missed it last night, here's my updated movie post.

6. What on earth did I do this week? Clean, stitch, read, play Words with Friends, fill the fridge for Marshall and the babysitter for while I am away.... I guess that will fill up 7 days.

7. My last MOPS meeting is Tuesday morning. I was part of the founding team, six years ago, but now that Miranda will go to full day kindergarten in September, it's time for me to move on as well. I'm actually going to write out a short farewell address to share during our "Tea & Testimony" time and I'm sure I'm going to cry. It's been an awesome group and God has blessed me hugely with the friendships I've built along the way. I'm not sure what God's plan for me in the fall is but what I keep hearing from him is to leave my options open, so for now, that's what I'm doing.

I remain confident of this:
   I will see the goodness of the Lord
   in the land of the living.
Wait for the Lord;
   be strong and take heart
   and wait for the Lord.
             Ps. 27:13-4, NIV

And here's Jen.

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