Friday, February 3, 2012

Right Now--At This Very Moment--Everything is Fine

1. The sun is shining and it should be at least 45 degrees today. Alex is at school for a half-day (teacher inservice) which of course means that Miranda has no school today but she's happily playing in the bath tub after a little tussle this morning about picking up her Legos. It only took her half an hour to decide to pick them up. After Alex gets home, I have promised them both a trip to Chick Fil'A so they can play while Mommy writes post cards. They should be tired and happy by night-fall.

2. Yesterday, Miranda left her toy horse Rodi (who she decided is a girl so she had to use her markers to give Rodi eyelashes) with Puppet on his head at the door to wait for her to get home from school. It was so cute, I have recreated the moment just for you:

She is a darling girl, that Miranda, when we aren't so frustrated with her behavior that we are considering gnawing our own legs off.

3. Earlier in the week, Alex and Miranda were fighting over who could use the laptop they officially share, so Miranda was allowed to use mine. (Alex has been known to peel keys off of keyboards in a moment of boredom.) When I came back to find her later, she'd decided she was cold and so put on her Daddy's fleece, which was handy, creating yet another picture so cute I had to share it:

And, yes, that is what the dining room table has looked like all week. On the rare occasions we actually sit down at the table to eat, we just shove the stuff to one end, or pile it on the black dresser nearby, which looks worse.

4. Since I'm in a picture sharing mood, here are my darlings in that little bit of snow we had 2 weeks ago:

Since Lands End was having their end of season sale, I ordered new snow gloves for each of them, figuring (this was 2 weeks ago) that they would use them again this season. However, now that my hyacinths, daffodils and crocuses are trying to come up in the front flower bed, I'm hoping that was the end of our snow for the winter. The gloves are large enough that they will probably work for next year, although I will have to get new snow pants for Alex next year. Poor Miranda will have to settle for hand me downs again, which she finds annoying because Alex's color choices are never girly enough for her. Alex got brand new red snow boots for his birthday last October but Miranda was presented with his boots from last year which are a boring forest green instead of her preferred purple or pink. Poor baby.

5. I am still struggling to keep up with the housework. I calculated that the 6 hours that I'm spending in Physical Therapy and driving to and from Physical Therapy is the time I would usually spend cleaning the house. So, I look around me at the toys and papers and other flotsam of life in frustration but don't have the mental or physical energy to fix it. It is a bit discouraging. Ah, well, my cleaning lady will probably come next week and it will all be clean again. I just severely dislike the mess and my inability to get off the couch and start cleaning is even more annoying.

6. My mother is still having such a delightful time snuggling her grand-baby girl in California, and I must share this picture:

Talk about one happy lady. My father is on an airplane right at this moment to join them.

7. I read Tinker Tailor Solder Spy this week and have since requested Smiley's People from the library. I have also started reading One for the Money by Janet Evanovich. It seems happy and fluffy and should pass the time.

Jen is taking the rest of the month off, so Hallie Lord at Betty Beguiles is guest hosting 7 Quick Takes for the rest of the month.

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