Saturday, January 7, 2012

More Technical Difficulties

1. Sorry this is 24 hours late. I didn't have connectivity yesterday. Our Comcast digital upgrade is having some problems. Our salesman keeps chasing down those problems, though. And no internet meant that I had all morning to do laundry and clean up the living room. How is it there is always 3 loads of laundry that need doing, at least? And I wash clothes nearly every day. I guess we're just messy people.

2. Miranda's new favorite show is Pocoyo, which on first examination I thought was of Japanese origin but it's actually a Spanish show with the narrative rerecorded for an English-speaking audience. It's a very sweet show.

3. I watched 3 excellent British shows this week:

  • Sherlock Series 2 has begun with "A Scandal in Belgravia" and as good as Series 1 was, Benedict Cumberbatch was so good in this, he left me breathless. So his new casting announcement this week was even more exciting!
  • One of my father's all time favorite television mini-series is Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy with Alec Guinness made in 1979. Before we go see the new film (with Benedict Cumberbatch!) I wanted to see the original. And it was transfixing, even though I knew what was going to happen (I read too many spoilers on Wikipedia.)
  • I am a big fan of Lewis, though not so much of Inspector Morse. One of the worst losses on our recent hard drive death was my 15 gigs of Lewis, Series 1-5. The same production company who created Lewis has just started a new project called Endeavour, about a young Morse and set in the 1960's. The pilot ran this week and it was enthralling. I hope they pick it up for series. Shaun Evans was brilliant and Roger Allam better than I've ever liked him before. The ending almost had me almost in tears. It makes me wonder if I should go check out some Morse videos from the library.
4. All of my lying around, playing Words with Friends for hours on end, has been doing me some good. My physical therapist told me Thursday that my ankle is healing nicely. And my Scrabble skills are improving, though more slowly.

5. Simcha Fischer had a great post recently about resolutions, kinda. It's still very funny. My resolutions are basically to get well and get caught up on life. The piles of paper in my bedroom that I've been ignoring for months are eventually going to get sorted and put away. Really, I mean it. :)

6. Youth Group starts up again tomorrow night. I'm having some difficulty planning ahead for my small group but I think I'm going to show portions of the Veronica Mars pilot tomorrow. As much as I love Veronica, she is morally challenged, which should make for an interesting discussion.

7. The children did return to school on Tuesday and both of them seemed to do okay with the transition. Now I'm just trying to fit my twice-weekly PT appointments into the portions of time that they are away at school.

Bonus 8. If you missed our Christmas letter post from last week, here's that link again.

And here's Jen.

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jen said...

#6: i've used grey's anatomy (back when i watched religiously) to illustrate why we believe sex should be saved for marriage. the first season and a half is a gold mine of material in that regard.