Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Wrap Up

I know, I know, it's Monday. But I wanted to post some pictures for my blog readers and other assorted family members to see how well our costuming efforts turned out.

First of all, a major CONGRATULATIONS to Marshall for finishing all of his work in The Pit of Despair (aka, the crawlspace under the house) right before Trick or Treating was scheduled at 5 pm. The sistering of the joists that needed to be done is now done and while there are a few other improvements he'd like to make down there, they will wait for another time. Marshall would like me to add that working down there is like wriggling around in a very dirty (a fine, dry dirt that gets everywhere), very tightly cut coffin, less than 12 inches tall.

So, after cleaning himself up, he set himself to working on Alex's makeup. It's so handy to have a husband with a background in theatre.

Alex had an aide when he was in the preschool class at Springville who would paint his face several times a year as a special treat, so he is well trained for this procedure. And, probably, far more patient with it than I would be.

The finished product picture is at the top. As you can see, Miranda opted for the red dress, so we were well coordinated, color-wise. Here we are walking up and down the street.

This is actually the first time all 4 of us have been Trick or Treating together. Alex's first year was when Miranda was a year old and she and I had the stomach flu. Then the year after that it was a week-day and Daddy had to work. Last year I had a bronchial infection so Mimi came and joined Marshall for the special day. So, finally, in 2010, we were able to do it all together. And we had a good time. For about 10 houses. And then Miranda decided she was tired. So Marshall took her home. And then Alex found something he liked much better than candy: leaf piles!

He jumped in every one we passed. (The leaves only began falling in our neighborhood in the last week so this was his first opportunity. He's going to want to go for a walk every day after school from now until they're all picked up in December to explore each and every one of them.)

I think Miranda's favorite part was handing out candy to the Trick or Treaters who came to our door. Cheerful little woozle.

It's our policy to let both kids dress up in their costumes for the whole year following Halloween as often as they like, as long as they are playing in the house. It gives them joy and stimulates their imaginative skills, so it's win-win for us. I'm just hoping the princess dress will go through the washing machine without a lot of hassle. Maybe turning it inside-out is the key.

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